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The Animated Century



Credits | Bios | 156 Films From 29 Countries
What People Are Saying About Animated Century

"A terrific, entertaining, intelligent history of the animated film. From the earliest scratchings to the latest computer graphics, this fascinating story tells it all."

Director of the PBS documentaries, The Civil War and Baseball

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92 minutes
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Professor Elderberry and Horace
introduce clips from 160 animated
films from 26 countries!
The Professor and Horace also demonstrate different animation techniques, including pin screen, pixillation, rotoscope, and cutout and puppet animation. They discuss the most significant animated films of the past 100 years– everything from Emile Reynaud and Winsor McCay’s early works, to Fleischer, Disney and Warner Brothers in the United States, to historically important films from every continent. Trnka, Svankmajer, Ocelot, Plympton, Aardman, Servais – they are all included. Professor Elderberry and Horace were created by Bill Plympton, America's most prolific, most successful independent animator. They were animated by Konstantin Bronzit, winner of numerous awards including the 1995 Grand Prize at the Annecy Animation Festival and three major prizes at the 1999 Festival.
THE ANIMATED CENTURY is a co-production between REMBRANDT FILMS in the United States, AVRORA MEDIA in Germany, and STUDIO MIR and PRO-KLASS in Russia, in association with BRAVO and the RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE.

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Written and Directed by: Adam Snyder and Irina Margolina
Produced by: Adam Snyder, Irina Margolina, Alexander Buchman, and Sergey Zernov
Executive Producers for Bravo: Charles Derbyshire and Ian Levy
Edited by: Michael J. Sudyn in New York (Flying Dreams) and Matvey Epanchincev in Moscow
Original Music Composed by: Sergey Almaev
Professor Elderberry and Horace designed by:
Bill Plympton
Animated by: Konstantin Bronzit
Tatiana designed by: Konstantin Bronzit
Voice of Professor Elderberry: Kevin Kolack
Voice of Horace: Danny McDermott
Voice of Tatiana: Dede Pochos
Horace’s Computer Animation: Alexsei Kuhoronok, Svetlana Iablochkova and Nicita Deinego
International Consultants: Giananiberto Bendazzi
David Ehrlich
Greg Ford
Jerry Beck
Eduard Nazarov
Nikolai Izvolov

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Adam Snyder
Adam Snyder, who co-wrote and co-directed The Animation Century, is president of the animation company, Rembrandt Films, which in the 1960s received four Academy Award nominations and an Oscar for Munro, written by Jules Feiffer. In 1993, Adam revived Rembrandt Films and produced the 13-part half-hour animation series, The Nudnik Show, which has now aired in more than 20 countries. He is also the executive producer of the internationally distributed Frank and Eddie series of shorts, as well as several new films based on award-winning children’s books distributed by Weston Woods. Rembrandt Films is the exclusive worldwide distributor of several important animation libraries, including those from Zagreb Film.

Irina Margolina
Irina Margolina, who co-wrote and co-directed The Animation Century, has worked for twenty years in the Moscow film community and has produced more than 150 animated films and several documentaries. She is internationally known for her animated films, Thread and Billiard Story, the documentaries Save Russia and From New Babylon to King Lear, and a 52-part animation series produced for Moscow's new independent channel, REN TV, called Animation A to Z: An Encyclopedia of Animation. She has also lectured widely on the history of animation and has been a jury member at numerous international animation festivals, where she has also received more than twenty awards and diplomas for her own films.

Alexander Buchman
Alexander Buchman, who produced The Animation Century, is president of Avrora Media, which since 1992 has produced six feature films including Mute Witness, distributed in the United States by Columbia Pictures, and An American Werewolf in Paris, distributed by Buena Vista, and Little Vampires distributed by New Line. With offices in Berlin, Amsterdam and Los Angeles, Avrora currently has three live action and three animated theatrical films in production.

Sergey Zernov. Pro-Klass
Sergey Zernov, who produced The Animation Century, was an early supporter of the film and was instrumental in securing the participation of the Russian Cultural Ministry, which made the film possible.

Bill Plympton
Professor Elderberry and Horace were created by Bill Plympton, no doubt America's most prolific, most successful independent animator. In the past decade he has made his mark internationally on the festival circuit, in move theatres, on television, on Madison Avenue, and in the comics. Plympton's illustrations and cartoons have graced the pages of the New York Times, Vogue, The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, National Lampoon, and Glamour.

Plympton's first fully realized film was Boomtown, set to the Jules Feiffer song. He then embarked on an unprecedented string of successful short films, including One of those Days, How to Kiss, 25 Ways to Quit Smoking, and Plymptoons, all of which won major animation awards.

By this time, Plympton had developed a distinctive style, punctuated by the fact that he draws every cell himself in his New York City apartment. His first feature film, The Tune, was initially released in sections as short films, including The Wiseman and Push Comes to Shove, which won the 1991 Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Plympton's second feature, I Married a Strange Person, had a successful international theatrical run and is now a hit on video and DVD. His third feature, Mutant Aliens., is about to be released.

Konstantin Bronzit
The Animated Century pilot was animated by Konstantin Bronzit, winner of the 1995 Grand Prize at the Annecy Animation Festival for Switchcraft, and three major prizes at the 1999 Annecy Festival for At the End of the Earth.

Bronzit began his animation career in his home town of St. Petersburg where, after graduating art school, he worked as an animator at the film studio, Lennauchfilm, from 1985 to 1992. In 1993, he was recruited by the Pilot animation studio in Moscow, where he directed a number of successful films and a series of award-winning advertisements.

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Humorous Phases of Funny Faces
J. Stuart Blackton
United States, 1906

Emile Cohl
France, 1908

Episodes from an Insect’s Life
Vadislav Starevich
Russia, 1912

The Revenge of the Cameraman
Vadislav Starevich
Russia, 1912

Christmas in the Forest
Vadislav Starevich
Russia, 1912

Dinosaur and the Missing Link
Willis O’Brien
United States, 1917

Gertie the Dinosaur
Winsor McCay
United States, 1914

Little Nemo
Winsor McCay
United States, 1911

Sinking of the Lusitania
Winsor McCay
United States, 1918

Colonel Heeza Liar At the Bat
John Randolph Bray
United States, 1915

A Kick for Cinderella
Raoul Barre
United States, 1916

Policy and Pie
Hearst Studio
Gregory La Cava
United States, 1918

Felix Woos Whoopee
Pat Sullivan Studios
Otto Messmer
United States, 1930

Pat Sullivan Studios
Otto Messmer
United States, 1928

Tantalizing Fly
Max Fleischer
United States, 1919


Lichspiel Opus 1
Walter Ruttman
Germany, 1921

Symphony Diagnole
Ekeling Viking
Germany, 1925

Rainbow Dance
Len Lye
England, 1936

La Joie de Vivre
Hector Hoppin and Anthony Gross,
England, 1934

Night on Bald Mountain
Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker
France, 1933

Soviet Toys
Dziga Vertov
Russia, 1923

Interplanetary Revolution
Nikolai Khodataev
Russia, 1933

Prince Achmed
Lotte Reiniger
Germany, 1925

Berthold Bartosch
France, 1932

Cavalcade of Music
George Pal
The Netherlands, 1934

Sleeping Beauty
George Pal
The Netherlands, 1934


Making ‘em Move
Van Beuren Studios
John Foster and Harry Baily
United States, 1931

Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
Dave Fleischer
United States, 1934

Betty in Blunderland
Dave Fleischer
United States, 1934

Little Swee’ Pea
Dave Fleischer
United States, 1936

The Mechanical Monsters
Fleischer Studios
Seymour Kneitel,
United States 1941

Newman Laugh-o-Gram
Walt Disney
United States, 1921

Alice Rattled by Rats
Walt Disney
United States, 1925

Mechanical Cow
Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks
United States, 1927

Trolley Troubles
Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks
United States, 1927

The Tortoise and the Hare
Walt Disney Studios
Wilfred Jackson
United States, 1935

Thru the Mirror
Walt Disney Studios
Dave Hand
United States, 1936

You Don’t Know What You’re Doin’
Warner Bros.
Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising
United States, 1931

Hold Anything
Warner Bros.
Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising
United States, 1930

Yankee Doodle Daffy
Warner Bros.
Friz Feleng
United States 1943

Notes to You
Warner Bros.
Friz Freleng
United States, 1941

Fresh Hare
Warner Bros.
Friz Freleng
United States, 1942

A Corny Concerto
Warner Bros.
Robert Clampett
United States, 1943

Dover Boys
Warner Bros.
Chuck Jones
United States, 1942

Crowing Pains
Warner Bros.
Robert McKimson
United States, 1947

A Tale of Two Kitties
Warner Bros.
Robert Clampett
United States, 1942

Pantry Panic
Walter Lantz
United States, 1941

Jerky Turkey
MGM Studios
Tex Avery
United States, 1945


Cinema Circus
Leonid Amalrich
Russia, 1942

Any Bonds Today
Warner Bros.
Robert Clampett
United States, 1941

The Spirit of ‘43
Walt Disney Studios
Jack King,
United States, 1943

Booby Traps
Robert Clampett
United States, 1944


Mad Mad World
Nooreddin Zarrinkelk
Iran, 1977

King Durandai
Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Valentina and Zinaida Brumberg
Russia, 1934

Little Organ
Nikolai Khodataev
Russia, 1934

Mikhail Tsekhanovsky
Russia, 1933

Winter Fairy Tale
Ivan Ivanov-Vano
Russia, 1945

The Snow Queen
Lev Atamanov
Russia, 1957
How Cossacks Play Football
Vladimir Dachno
Ukraine, 1970

The Red and the Black
Withold Giersz
Poland, 1963

Pannonia Film Studio
Marcell Jankovics
Hungary, 1973

The Fly
Pannonia Film Studio
Ferenc Rofusz
Hungary, 1980

Kratky Film
Karel Zeman
Czech Republic, 1948

Love and the Dirigeable
Kratky Film
Jiri Brdecka
Czech Republic, 1948

One Glass Too Many
Kratky Film
Bretislav Pojar
Czech Republic, 1954

Merry Circus
Kratky Film
Jiri Trnka
Czech Republic, 1951

The Hand
Kratky Film
Jiri Trnka
Czech Republic, 1965

Hotel E
Priit Pärn
Estonia, 1992

Raoul Servais
Belgium, 1965

Ersatz (Surogat)
Dusan Vukotic
Zagreb Film, 1961

Zdenko Gasparovic
Zagreb Film, 1978

Learning to Walk
Borivoj (Bordo) Dovnikovic
Zagreb Film, 1978

The Ceremony
Borivoj (Bordo) Dovnikovic
Zagreb Film, 1965

Nedeljko Dragic
Zagreb Film, 1974

Dream Doll
Zlatko Grgic and Bob Godfrey
Zagreb Film, 1979

Hell-Bent for Election
UPA, United Auto Workers
Chuck Jones
United States, 1944

Mr. Magoo
United Productions of America (UPA)
United States, 1962

Gerald McBoing Boing
United Productions of America (UPA)
United States 1962

John and Faith Hubley
United States, 1959

Gene Deitch
United States, 1960

Robot Rerun
David Ehrlich
United States, 1996

A Little Routine
George Griffin
United States, 1994

The Dirdy Birdy
John Dilworth
United States, 1994

Surprise Cinema
Bill Plympton
United States, 1999

Your Face
Bill Plympton
United States, 1987

Opposing Views
John Schnall
United States, 1994

Boniface’s Holiday
Fyodor Khitruk
Russia, 1965

Once Lived a Dog
Eduard Nazarov
Russia, 1982

My Green Crocodile
Vadim Kurchevsky
Russia, 1965

Hedgehog in the Mist
Yuri Norstein
Russia, 1975

Tale of Tales
Yuri Norstein
Russia, 1980

Roman Kachanov
Russia, 1971


Thieving Magpie
Giulio Gianini and Emanuele Luzzati
Italy, 1964

Guido Manuli
Italy ,1996

Life in a Tin
Bruno Bozetto
Italy, 1967

Pas a Deux
Gerrit Van Dijk and Monique Renault
Holland, 1988

78 RPM
Georges Schwizgabel
Switzerland, 1985

The Three Inventors
Michel Ocelot
France, 1980

First Sunday of August
Florence Miailhe
France, 2000

Raoul Servais
Belgium, 1979
Gil Alkabetz
Germany, 1995

Christophe and Wolf Lauenstein
Germany,. 1989

The Living Forest
Angel de la Cruz and Manolo Gomez
Spain, 2001

Toxic Mutacion
Pablo Llorens
Spain, 1994

The Parts of Me That Love You are Empty Beings
Mercedes Gaspar
Spain, 1996

The Outlaws
Abbi Feijo
Portugal, 1993


Baby Dreams
Pencho Kunchev
Bulgaria, 1981

Juan Padron
Cuba, 1981

Juan Padron and Quino
Cuba, 1986

Marcos Magalhaes
Brazil, 1981

Bull on the Track
Marcos Magalhaes
Brazil, 1981

Darra Dogs
Dennis Tupicoff
Australia, 1993

Winging It
Max Bannah
Australia, 1999

Begone Dull Care
Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart
National Film Board of Canada, 1949

Frederick Back
National Film Board of Canada, 1982

Paul Driessen
National Film Board of Canada, 1972

Cat’s Cradle
Paul Driessen
National Film Board of Canada, 1974

Big Snit
Richard Condie
National Film Board of Canada, 1985

The Cat Came Back
Cordell Barker
National Film Board of Canada, 1988

Why Me?
Janet Perlman and Derek Lamb
National Film Board of Canada, 1978

The Street
Caroline Leaf
National Film Board of Canada, 1976

When the Day Breaks
Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis
National Film Board of Canada, 1999


The Sand Castle
Coe Hoedeman
National Film Board of Canada, 1977

Ernest and Gisele Ansorge
Switzerland, 1977

Ab Ovo
Ferenc Cako
Hungary, 1987

Norman McLaren
National Film Board of Canada, 1952

Self Portrait
Mati Kutt
Estonia, 1989

The Cow
Alexander Petrov
Russia, 1989

The Amazing Adventures of Morph
Peter Lord and David Sproxton
England, 1980

Creature Comforts
Nick Park
England, 1980

Wrong Trousers
Nick Park
England, 1993

A Close Shave
Nick Park and Bob Baker
England, 1995

Angry Kid in “Bone”
Darren Welsh
England, 2000

Self Portrait
Jan Svankmajer
Czech Republic, 1989

Kathy Rose
United States, 1999

Barry Purves
England, 1989


A Clever Duckling
Yu Zhenguang
China, 1960

Buffalo Boy and the Flute
Te Wei and Qian Jiajun
China, 1963

Snipe -Clam Grapple
Hu Jinqing
China, 1983

Mantis Stalks Cicada
Hu Jinqing
China, 1988

Cat and Rat
Hu Jinqing
China, 1992

Three Monks
A Da
China, 1980

Deer and Bull
Zou Qin
China, 1992

Sergey Alibekov
Uzbekhistan, 1989
Ashes in the Thicket
Seong-gang Yi
South Korea, 1998

Empress Chung
Nelson Shin
South Korea, 2002

Ghost in the Shell
Mamoru Oshii
Japan, 1996

Self Portrait
Renzo Kinoshita
Japan, 1989

Self Portrait
Kihachiro Kawamoto
Japan, 1989

Self Portrait
Osamu Tezuka
Japan, 1989


Luminous Visions
Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Japan, 1975-1996

Stanley & Stella in Breaking the Ice
John Whitney Jr.
United States, 1987

Steve Goldberg
United States, 1989

Daniel Robichaud
United States, 1998

Fat Cat on a Diet
Raman Hui
United States, 1998

Ronin Romance Classics
Burce Pukema
United States, 1999

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“Amusing as it is informative. It shows snippets of 160 films from 26 countries, sweeping through a long history - from Disney to Japanese anime - and a wide variety of techniques with skill and humor.”

Christian Science Monitor

“The producers have been remarkably successful in securing very rarely seen international animation and contextualizing it both culturally and historically. Highly sophisticated technical information is simplified for the average viewer and entertainingly presented.”

David Ehrlich, Professor of Film and Television Studies - Dartmouth College

“A rare visual delight: an inspired, inspiring history of animated film.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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