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Best of Bulgaria
50 minutes of animation
Available on DVD and home video



Like Zagreb, the Sofia Animation Studio has carved its own unique niche with an original graphic style, quirky storytelling, and dark comedy. The studio’s films have won countless awards and prizes, and its biannual World Animation Film Festival in Varna solidified Bulgaria as an international animation center. Rembrandt Films is offering these films, all of which are appropriate for children, on video for the first time.

Best of Bulgaria VHS $14.95 VHS
Best of Bulgaria DVD $24.95 DVD

Baby Dreams at the Airport
Baby Dreams at the Factory

Two episodes in the wild 12-part series by the Sofia Animation Studio’s Pencho Kunchev, featuring a mischievous baby who embarks on death-defying adventures in the world of adults. Anything goes as one image morphs into another, with the baby always emerging miraculously unscathed.

Three Fools Series

Sofia’s most comical creation, these well-meaning blockheads are equal parts Laurel & Hardy, Three Stooges, and Dumb and Dumber. Here is a selection from their zaniest exploits.

Singing Cowboys

This film turns the classic western on its head as a boy watching television enters the action. Directed by comic master Proiko Proikov, it features the song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels.


In great visual style, Radka Batchkarova tells the story of frogs battling ducks over a beautiful beach.


Stoyan Dukov’s simple tale of a persistent interloper – a crow -- who insists on joining a choral group.

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