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Winky Dink And You!




Winky Dink and You Interactive Video Kit DVD (volume one included) $24.95 DVD
Winky Dink and You DVD Only (27 Cartoons) $19.95

"The first interactive television show." Bill Gates
FOR AGES 5-1/2 - 1,100

Winky Dink and You became a national phenomenon in the 1950s and then again in the 1970s. Now it is back, and on video and DVD for the first time.

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Interactive Cartoons

Six Crayons
Magic Screen
Magic Erasing Cloth

The concept of this unique animated series is simple. Children cover their television with a piece of plastic, which clings to the screen. As soon as Winky or his dog Woofer run into trouble, he asks the children to help. How? By drawing something on the screen, like a line that becomes a bridge allowing Winky to cross a river, a circle that morphs into a rocket ship, or a moustache to disguise Woofer from the mean Harum Scarum.
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What they are saying about Winky Dink and You

"One of the greatest TV shows of all time."
--Dave Barry, syndicated columnist

"This low-tech wonder is a beautiful concept. Kids put a clear plastic sheet on the TV and use markers to draw in whatever Winky Dink needs."
--San Francisco Examiner

"The first interactive TV show."
--Bill Gates

"What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid? For anyone over 40, it was Winky Dink and You."
--TV Guide

"I think the reason people recall Winky Dink so vividly is that picking up a crayon and drawing on the magic screen burned memories into young minds, just the way underlining a phrase in a textbook helps you remember it. The key to Winky Dink and You is that one powerful word - YOU! Winky triumphs only with the help of the children."
--Ed Wyckoff, co-creator of Winky Dink and You


Winky Dink and You aired every weekend on CBS from 1953 until 1957 and became a national phenomenon. At its height, CBS was selling 25,000 Winky Dink and You kits per week.

The series was resurrected in 1969 with 65 new color episodes that ran five years in syndication. These are the episodes now available for the first time on video, packaged with all the toy elements that make Winky Dink and You so unique.

Winky Dink and You and its popular theme song are remembered fondly by tens of millions of Americans as a classic of educational TV -- upbeat, aimed at young children, with a message of self-confidence and cooperation.

The concept was created by Ed Wyckoff and Harry Prichett in 1952. Wyckoff was Prichett's assistant at a New York ad agency when the two men were working late one night with a boxing match being broadcast in the background. Prichett taped a piece of acetate over the screen and drew a stick figure on the television. Suddenly the fighters appeared to be punching their drawings, which seemed to be punching them back.

"It wasn't long after that when we came up with the idea of Winky Dink," recalls co-creator Ed Wyckoff. "This is truly interactive television. Decades before electronic video games, we were saying to the kids, 'Don't Just Sit There! Get off the couch, potatoes! Winky Needs You! Come to the rescue of your favorite TV hero!"

The Winky Dink Interactive Video Kit, complete with nine interactive cartoons, six crayons, and a Magic Screen and Cloth, is now available at retail stores, popular web retailers such as barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com, and at winkydink@rembrandtfilms.com. Volumes Two and Three, containing nine cartoons each, are also available separately at $9.99. Further volumes and a DVD are scheduled for Fall release. For ordering by phone call Rembrandt Films at 888-205-8778 or for further product information call Vanguard Cinema at 800-218-7888.

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