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The Worst Cartoons Ever!


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The Worst Cartoons Ever! DVD $9.95 DVD

Herein lies a selection of some of the worst animated films ever made. In the early days of TV animation in the 1950’s and 60’s, producers were looking for ways to cut corners, and made cartoons as cheap as possible. How cheap? You’ll find out.

Hosted by the entertaining, well-versed animation historian, Jerry Beck, you’ll meet cartoon characters with moving human mouths, and others with no mouths at all. He’ll walk you through such travesties as Mighty Mister Titan (a heavy-handed, limited-animation piece of cold war physical fitness propaganda); Pow Wow the Indian Boy (we dare you to keep from humming the theme song), and The Mummynappers (which isn’t really even animation at all, just silhouetted human beings prancing around drawn backgrounds).

Nobody sets out to make bad cartoons. These just happen to come around when TV was in its infancy when producers had to churn out animated films at such low budgets. In fact, you’ll see work of some of the greatest animators ever, such as Hugh Harmon. Unfortunately, this is their worst work.

So get out some rancid popcorn and flat soda, and sit back and enjoy...The Worst Cartoons Ever!


The Worst Cartoons Ever!
(Total length: 68:45)

Introduction by Jerry Beck
Mighty Mister Titan
Bucky and Pepito - The Vexin' Texan
Bucky and Pepito - Lone Pine Tree
Paddy the Pelican in Two Wet Bears
Paddy the Pelican in The Land of More
Pow Wow Gets Even
Pow Wow and His Lucky Duck
Captain Fathom - Rustlers of the Sea Range
Sir Gee Whiz - Lindy's Party

Really Bad Cartoons We Can't Show
    Big World Little Adam
Rocket Robin Hood
Super Preside
Spunky & Tadpole

Buy 3 copies, get one frees! $30 DVD
The Worst Cartoons Ever! DVD $9.95 DVD

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