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Two documentaries are now available for purchase:  Silent Pioneers and Girona, The Mother of Israel:  The Jews of Catalonia. Rembrandt Films also has several documentaries in development. 

Silent Pioneers, 43 minutes, 1985  
A film by Patricia Giniger Snyder, Lucy Winer, Harvey Marks and Paula deKoenigsberg (Silent Pioneers Productions) in cooperation with SAGE (Senior Action in a Gay Environment), and co-conceived by Patricia Giniger Snyder & Audrey Seidman

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National PBS Airing.
Distributed in a dozen countries including Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and to universities, libraries, senior citizens & gay/lesbian organizations. “Silent Pioneers” is a ground-breaking film about elderly lesbians and gay men who lived through an era when being gay was not tolerated, and who battled for self-esteem and survival in a "straight world." Among those profiled are: a male couple still in love after 55 years of partnership; a former monk turned rancher in Arizona in his 80’s; a leader of the peace movement living with her partner and community in the Florida Keys; and a black great-grandmother who came out to her children and grandchildren.
  • Emmy Nomination, Most Outstanding Program
  • Gold Plaque Award, Chicago Film Festival
  • Athens Film Festival, Grand Prize
  • Black Mariah Film Festival, Golden Star
  • CINE Golden Eagle, among many others…

“The witnesses of this film are genuinely stimulating, conveying moments ranging in tone from hilarious to the tragic in this poignant, courageous offering”
                                                                                           -- LA Times

“A touching documentary…you don’t have to be gay to find understanding here.”
                                                                                           -- NY Times

Girona, The Mother of Israel:  The Jews of Catalonia, 30 minutes.  
A Rembrandt Films video produced with the City Halls of Barcelona and Girona, and the Catedra Barcelona-Nova York

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This documentary traces the arrival, daily life and expulsion of the Jews from Catalonia to the vibrant Jewish community in Spain today. The program combines beautiful footage of Girona’s Jewish Quarter with dynamic images of medieval Jews and interviews with historians, members of Barcelona’s Jewish community, a Catholic professor descended from secret Jews, and the folksinger, Rosa Zaragoza who sings Catalan-Ladino songs. Girona, which was once the home of Nahmanides (The Ramban) and an important school of Kabbalah, has been called the “Mother of Israel” because it is considered a spiritual resting place for the wandering Jew.


“An informative, enlightening and beautifully presented program.  I recommend it very highly.”                                                                                       --Rabbi Marc D. Angel
                                                                      The Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue, New York

“Captivating. Tells a story that needs to be told.”  --Gabe Levinson, The Jewish Week

Silent Pioneers
Girona, The Mother of Israel:  The Jews of Catalonia
Now available on DVD! 

Silent Pioneers                                                               

 DVD $24.95


Girona, The Mother of Israel:  The Jews of Catalonia     

 DVD $24.95



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