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Clients are looking for videos which have multiple uses, and which often find a home on the Internet. Rembrandt Films partners with our clients to create videos that bring to life their visions and goals while effectively meeting their budgetary needs. We like to call them mini documentaries or mini-docs, as our productions utilize the same creative elements – interviews, animation, graphics, music, and narration – that go into a full-length documentary.


Our clients have used our videos for:
  • Special events such as gala dinners
  • Education and outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Staff development meetings and retreats
  • Membership recruitment
  • Public relations initiatives
Caring for Cambodia

Caring for Cambodia (CFC) “Little Kids Helping Little Kids.” Educational & fundraising video. In the shadow of the genocide of 2 million Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge, Caring for Cambodia has worked for the last 11 years to end the cycle of poverty and despair in that impoverished country by creating high quality and free government schools in Siem Reap. This video is for elementary school-age children and about helping their peers in faraway Cambodia. Rembrandt Films has produced many mini-docs for CFC.

The Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America The Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA’s) “Dose of Prevention Award 2014.” Educational video shown at its conference awards breakfast and with multiple future uses. Each year CADCA awards one of its thousands of coalition members an award for its outstanding efforts to educate its community about over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse. This one went to SAFE, a coalition in Richmond, VA.

The Tao of Healing’s “The Four Energy Gates for Total Health

"The Tao of Healing’s “The Four Energy Gates for Total Health.” Educational video for sale and for the Internet. This school of Traditional Chinese Medicine founded by Dr. Nan Lu, teaches Wu Ming Qigong including exercises for the general public, such as those in this video.


Hale House: “It’s All About the Children” Hale House: “It’s All About the Children”
Gala Dinner/Educational Video: It’s all about the children. That was Mother Hale’s message for over three decades and it continues today. That was also the message in this video which was shown at Hale House’s Annual Gala Dinner, and was a centerpiece on the organization’s website.

The American Technion Society The American Technion Society: “A Tribute to the Tradition of Excellence”
Gala Dinner Tape/Membership Recruitment & Public Relations: This video was created to honor one of the Technion’s leading contributors and to celebrate the institution’s 60th anniversary at their annual gala dinner. The video continues to be used for membership recruitment.

The Auschwitz Jewish Center (AJC) The Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation (AJCF): “The Children of  Oswiecim Remember”
Gala Dinner Tape: This video documents the return of Jacob Hennenberg, a Holocaust survivor, to the place where he grew up -- Oswiecim, Poland. The town, renamed Auschwitz by the Nazis, was once the home of a vibrant Jewish community. Jacob and other survivors from Oswiecim recall their happy childhood, never imagining what was to follow. Not far from the camps, AJC is located in a restored synagogue, and is dedicated to teaching the world about tolerance, as well as to provide a respite for reflection, education, and prayer.


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