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Rembrandt Films has extensive experience producing dynamic and succinct videos for the worldwide web. Our clients are primarily the U.S. Government and nonprofit organizations. We use a variety of digital technologies – from kinetic typography (that is, moving words), to animated graphics, to green screen backgrounds. But our strength is in our storytelling, and being able to hone down a visual message to several minutes and sometimes even seconds!
Internet Videos for the U.S. Government

Our production team has produced more than a dozen videos for governmental agencies within the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services.


Department of Labor/Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) Administrators VideoDepartment of Labor/Short-Time Compensation (STC) Administrators Video uses traditional production elements: talking head interviews, b-roll and creative animated graphics. The audience for this video is current and future STC administrators and employers across the county. It highlights the successes for both employers & employees.

Department of Labor/Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) Administrators VideoDepartment of Labor/Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) Administrators Video also uses traditional production elements: talking head interviews, b-roll and creative animated graphics. The audience for this video is potential SEA participants. It highlights the successes of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses through the SEA Program.

RECOVERY OPENS DOORSDepartment of Health and Human Services/SAMHSA/NCPIE. Rembrandt Films produced seven 2-3 minute videos for the website, RECOVERY OPENS DOORS at www.recoveryopensdoors.org. Each video, shot in front of a green screen, has its own messaging, color palate and music motif. Here are two of them – the Home Page and Get Help videos:
Home Page Video

Get HelpGet Help Video

College DrinkingDepartment of Health and Human Services/NIAAA/CADCA. Rembrandt Films produced two videos for the NIAAA – one on college binge drinking and the other on underage drinking, each geared for that particular audience as well as healthcare providers and advocates. We used some fun animation to capture the attention of the younger demographics. Here’s the video on college binge drinking:
Internet Videos for Non-Profit Organizations

Our client base has long been non-profits. We produce a full range of videos for them that often have more than one use, including placement on their websites.


MedicationsThe NCPIE Adherence Action Agenda Video which uses kinetic typography and original music to creatively show through flying words, the importance of being smart about taking medications.

MedicationsTraditional Chinese Medicine Bridges of Integration Conference Promo was used on the conference’s website to promote the conference.

MedicationsAmerican Technion Society’s Mission to Paris Fundraising Video uses traditional production elements to encourage supporters to attend their annual mission, this time to the City of Lights, Paris.


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