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Lost Classics from Zagreb Film



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Volume 5
Lost Classics

Volume 5
Lost Classics
from Zagreb Film
Volumes 1-5
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Within a just a few years of releasing its first theatrical short in 1956, the Zagreb Film studio had established itself as a world leader of innovative animated fare. Located in the former Yugoslavia, far away from the hubs of animation production, the Zagreb shorts charted their own course, revolting against the traditional and conventional, and injecting a modern asthetic into a medium often known for its rigid mechanization and blandness.

The studio built its reputation not by developing a stable of cartoon characters, but rather by concerning itself with the creation of films that expressed individuality and personal viewpoints. French film critic Georges Sadoul dubbed their films the "Zagreb School of Animation," a name that quickly became synonymous with quality and creativity. Directors and designers like Vladimir Kristl, Boris Kolar, Aleksandar Marks, Vatroslav Mimica and Nikola Kostelac pushed and pulled the animated cartoon in any number of directions, stretching the potential of the medium to unprecedented peaks.

This DVD brings together a dazzling array of eleven of the studio's shorts produced during its formative years (1957-1963). The collection highlights the freewheeling spirit of graphic experimentation and the relentless search for new ideas by the Zagreb team – from the brooding adaptation of the Balzac tale, La Peau de Chagrin, to the Cold War send-up, Boomerang, to the sweet children's tale, The Boy and the Ball, to the frenetic graphic romp The Great Jewel Robbery. The timeless animated shorts in this collection – all appearing on DVD for the first time – will inspire and entertain time and time again.

Amid Amidi, Author
Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in 1950s Animation

Lost Classics from Zagreb Film
(Total running time: 116:56)

Title Year
Opening Night/Premijera 1957
Samac 1958
The Great Jewel Robbery 1959
The Inspector Returns Home 1959
At the Photographer's 1959
Le Peau de Chagrin 1960
A Man and His Shadow 1960
The Boy and the Ball 1960
Perpetuum & Mobile, Ltd. 1961
Boomerang 1962
Tifusari 1963

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