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The Best of Zagreb Film
In Five DVDs
Nine hours of cartoons, also available for international television



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Volume 2
Laugh at Your Own Risk, For Children Only

Volume 2
Laugh at Your Own Risk,
For Children Only
Volumes 1-5
All Five DVDs
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Volume Two: Laugh at Your Own Risk, For Children Only

Laugh at Your Own Risk (54:04)

Beyond all the metaphors, all the symbolism, and all the awards, the animation from Zagreb Film will make you laugh. These are among the funniest.

The Tower of Babel (4:25)
(Lalilonska Kula)

A man's life flashes before him as he falls from a tower. Directed by Rastko Ciric.

  • 1988 Special Jury Award, Ottawa

  • 1988 Special Award for Music, Zagreb

  • 1989 Award for Music, Titograd

Exciting Love Story (5:37)
(Uzbudljiva Ljubavna Prica)

Directed by one of the great masters of the Zagreb School, Borivoj Dovnikovic, or "Bordo." This is his classic cartoon of a man in search of his sweetheart, Gloria.

  • 1989 Gold Medal, Belgrade

  • 1989 Jury Award, Zagreb

  • 1989 Youth Jury Award, Bourg-En-Bresse

  • 1989 Best Animation Award, Titograd

  • 1990 Best Script for Short Film, Treviso

The Devil's Work (9:05)
(Davolja Posla)

This was the debut film of Zlatko Grgic, a Zagreb legend, in 1965 at the age of 20. It demonstrates his comedic talents at their best, as a well-meaning fellow learns to appreciate the benefits of "devilish" behavior.

  • 1966 Special Diploma, Bergamo

Of Holes and Corks (8:50)
(O Rupama I Cepovima)

Ante Zaninovic's story of a man's persistent battle with the forces of nature.

  • 1968 First Prize, Locarno

Learning to Walk (8:06)
(Skola Hodanja)

Borivoj (Bordo) Dovnikovic''s story of a man whose four countrymen each try to teach him their own style of walking. But he already knows how to walk.

  • 1982 First Prize (in category), San Antonio

  • 1978 Diploma, Chicago

  • 1978 Second Prize, Zagreb

  • 1979 Gold Medal, Belgrade

  • 1979 Diploma, Sydney

  • 1979 Jury Award, Oberhausen

Home is the Best (8:05)
(Kod Kuce Je Najbolje)

Josko Marusic's comical muse about a cat who takes over a man's household.

  • 1988 Gold Medal for Best Animated Film, Belgrade

  • 1988 Gold Medal for Direction, Belgrade

  • 1989 Jury Award for Most Amusing Film, Varna

Largo (4:04)

Being stranded on a desert island is anything but tedious for this strange shipwrecked soul.

Maxi CatMaxiCat in Tennis (:58)

MaxiCat in Rope (:55)

MaxiCat in Door (1:00)

For more than a quarter of a century Zlatko Grigic's whimsical cat has been entertaining children and adults alike. Here are two darkly comic gems.

For Children Only (54:37)

Zagreb Film produced dozens of films particularly for children, including the internationally distributed Professor Balthazar and Little Flying Bears series. These eleven cartoons include many of the studio's most acclaimed individual shorts for children.

Cow on the Moon (10:06)
(Krava na Mjesecu)

One of the best-loved films from Zagreb founder and Oscar-winner Dusan Vukotic. A young girl tricks a boy into thinking that the rocket ship she has built has taken them to the moon.

  • 1960 First Prize, San Francisco Golden Gate Festival

  • 1960 Special Jury Award for Originality and Humor, Annecy

  • 1960 Special Prize, Montevideo

  • 1959 City of Zagreb Award

Strange Bird (6:31)
(Cudna Ptica)

Bordo's simple story of a bird who will do anything to hatch and nurture her own chick.

  • 1977 Francis Scott Key Award, Baltimore

Octave of Fear (4:55)
(Oktava Straha)

Leo Fabiani's priceless muse about everyone having someone to fear.

Little and Big (7:28)
(Mali I Veliki)

Another gem by Zlatko Grgic. It's his unique take on the classic cartoon "chase."

1971, Red Ribbon Award, New York

Anna Goes to Buy Some Bread (6:23)
(Kako Je Ana Kupila Kruh)

Aleksandar Marks and Vladimire Jutrisa are best known for such bizarre films as Nightmare and The Fly. But they also collaborated on children's films, and this is one of their best. In it, Anna takes a ride on her umbrella on her way to buy a loaf of bread.

Well Done Job (5:37)
(Dobro Obavljen Posao)

A mouse comes to visit and decides to stay, much to the dismay of the household's cat.

Krek (9:17)

For children of all ages, this is Bordo Dovnikovic's satire about the military. A soldier, hounded by his superior, has the last laugh by taking a stroll around the world.

  • 1968 Silver Bear, Berlin

  • 1968 Silver Medal, Belgrade

MaxiCat in Ball of Yarn (:52)

MaxiCat in Door (1:00)

MaxiCat in Fishing (:38)

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