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The Best of Zagreb Film
In Five DVDs
Nine hours of cartoons, also available for international television



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Volume 3
Nudity Required

Volume 3
Nudity Required
Volumes 1-5
All Five DVDs
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Volume Three: Nudity Required (59:16)

Some of Zagreb Film's most recognized and enduring films are not for children. These six explore imagery and the human condition with equal parts outrageousness and beauty.

Way to Your Neighbor (1:23)
(Put Susjedu)

Typical of a Nedeljko Dragic film, the punch line is set up perfectly as a man dresses for just another day at the office.

  • 1982 First Prize (in category), Chicago

  • 1982 First Prize (in category), Zagreb

  • 1982 Special Jury Diploma, Lille

Satiemania (13:39)

Based on the music of Eric Satie, this internationally acclaimed film portrays the jungle of the big city -- the supermarket, brothels and bars, and the ripple of water in simultaneous harmony and conflict - all moving to the satirical, mocking, but always lyrical music of Eric Satie.

  • 1978 Oscar Nomination

  • 1978 Grand Prize, Zagreb

  • 1978 Diploma, London

  • 1978 Second Prize, Ottawa

  • 1978 Music Award, Lille

  • 1979 Silver Medal, Belgrade

  • 1979 Grand Prize, Oberhausen

  • 1979 Golden Venus First Prize, Houston

  • 1979 Diploma, Sydney

  • 1979 First Prize, Melbourne

  • 1981 Golden Athena, Athens/USA

  • 1981 Special Diploma, Chicago

  • 1982 First Prize, San Antonio

Album (10:16)

In this very personal film by Kresimir Zimonic, a young girl's childhood memories come to life as she thumbs through her family photograph album.

  • 1983 Best Debut Film, Annecy

  • 1983 Golden Medal for Best Animated Film, Belgrade

  • 1984 First Prize in Animation Category, Madrid

Plop (5:59)

Directed by Zlatko Pavlinic, one of Zagreb's zaniest animators. A man picks up a girl in a bar and expects her to do his housework. He is in for a big surprise.

The Match (9:44)

Kresimir Zimonic's wildly entertaining take on the underlying nature of a hard-fought soccer game.

  • 1987 Animation Award, Titograd

  • 1987 Critics Award, Gijon

Dream DollDream Doll (11:05)
(Zemlja Snova)

A man establishes an emotional relationship with a blowup doll. From a remarkable collaboration between Zlatko Grgic and the American Bob Godfrey.

  • 1979 Academy Award Nomination

  • 1979 Nomination for the Award of the British Academy, London

  • 1979 Third Prize, Varna

Mouseferatu (4:20)

A bizarre look at the Dracula legend.

  • 1987 Award for the Best Debut Film, Titograd

  • 1987 Best Music Award, Titograd

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